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Disputes can take many forms including arbitration, mediation, negotiation and litigation.  Our team can advise in the following areas:

  • Contract disputes;
  • Commercial disputes;
  • Negligence actions;
  • Insurance and related proceedings;
  • Directors duties and company law issues;
  • Debt recovery proceedings.

We tailor our advice and recommendations on strategy to the nature of the dispute and your commercial objectives, i.e. whether a streamlined approach for debt collection matters, or comprehensive services in formal litigation.

People usually come to us for one of two reasons; either they have a dispute which needs resolving or they have been served with legal proceedings. Our team specializes in resolving disputes between private individuals, companies or other legal entities. While Court is the ultimate forum for resolving any dispute, our approach is to resolve matters before they escalate to Court. There are occasions where only option left is to seek the Court’s assistance due to the actions of the other side.

The first step to resolving any dispute is engaging in direct communication. There will be times when a simple letter from a lawyer will be enough to resolve any issues that might exist. Failing that we can use other forms of dispute resolution like mediation, roundtable meetings and negotiations as they are quicker, less expensive and cost-effective means of reaching resolution than going to Court.

If informal means of resolution do not work then we have the skills and expertise to represent you in the Court. In a situation where you have been served with proceedings, in certain circumstances there are requirements to respond within a fixed time. Failure to respond within the stipulated timeframe may lead the court barring you from taking part in the proceedings. It is very important to seek legal advise as soon as you have been served with Court documents.

Whatever your issue our first step is to sit down with you and hear your story, give you an appraisal of the relative merits of your matter and how best to respond. We give you advice on the proper steps and collaborate with you as to how you wish to proceed. We’ll talk with you about your options and are keenly aware of stress, sensitivity and costs associated with being involved in legal proceedings.

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