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AA Law are the first law firm in New Zealand to offer a divorce coach to help separating couples navigate the difficulties they face with separation.  While law firms in America have divorce coaches as part of their team this is a relatively new concept in New Zealand but one worth  exploring as many issues played out in the court room are around emotions,  confusion and anxiety caused by separation rather than the legal challenges faced.

The American Bar Association defines divorce coaching as follows:

“divorce coaching is a flexible, goal orientated process designed to support, motivate, and guide people through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs and concerns.”

Adrianne passionately believes clients who place the right structure around them when going through the separation process spend less on legal fees and less time working though the legal process and come out better and stronger than when they went into their separation.

Adrianne has been supporting clients by coaching them through the process enabling them to separate out the emotional and other practical day to day challenges from the legal to get them through the legal process in a way that is focused on their biggest challenges and the outcomes they need to achieve.

Coaching also helps as a client learns there ‘hotspots’ and how to avoid the six biggest (and most common mistakes) that can derail the separation process.  She developed her coaching practice as a response to help clients through the process, for some clients this included issues such as should they separate, and once they have made the decision to separate, getting them through the challenges of separation and then helping them with the next phase of their life.

Adrianne wanted to find a better way for clients,  given the court is an adversarial process pitching partner against partner, with often negative longer terms issues she wanted to find a better way for her clients both emotionally and financially and coaching is proving to be highly successful and she is backed up by her team of experienced lawyers to provide the legal advice needed.

AA Law provide a complete service for their clients experiencing divorce.

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