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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence | Family Lawyer | Auckland | AA Law
Domestic violence is violence against you (or your children) with whom you are living in a domestic relationship with. It can be physical, sexual or psychological (it is often a mix of all three). Domestic violence is debilitating for the adult that is in the situation and studies show that exposure to on-going family violence has permanent negative effects on the children living with it.

It is important to get immediate help. Not only can we assist with the legal aspects we liaise with community organisations that can help you and your family with all the issues that will arise at this time. We can help you and your children exit the relationship safely.

We are a Legal Aid provider and can assist you with seeking a grant of legal aid if eligible. When an application is made to the Family Court for a protection order we can (if applicable) seek an order for you to remain in occupation of the family home and furniture orders which will allow you and the children to remain in the family home until matters have been dealt with by the Court.

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