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Hague Convention

"Hague Convention"

Relocation applications are when one parents wishes to take the children and relocate to another part of Auckland, New Zealand or overseas. Overseas relocation is becoming more common particularly given that so many partnerships are inter country. It is not uncommon on the breakdown of the relationship for the parent who has primary care to seek to return home to their family.It is my experience that relocation cases are invariably distressing for all involved. It is therefore important whether you are the one seeking to relocate or if you have been served with Court documents, that you seek advice as soon as possible.Child Abduction is when one parent has, without the other parents’ permission taken the child and left Auckland or New Zealand.  It is important that you obtain urgent legal advice especially if your child has been taken out of New Zealand or you have reason to believe they are about to removed either from Auckland or New Zealand.  I also have experience working with clients from other jurisdictions whose child has been brought to New Zealand.

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