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AA Law is the first law firm in New Zealand to offer a divorce coaching service to help couples going through a separation.
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Are you on the fence about leaving? Or have you made up your mind to separate? Or you have been served documents? At level 4 AA Law is open for business.


We have clients right now who are separating from the comfort of their lounges (via zoom), finalising their separation agreements through our mediation services, phone us to find out how.

Family Violence is never OK and level 4 is no reason to stay in a bad situation.

The courts are open for all urgent applications if you are in a violent situation, we can obtain your protection and occupation orders.  The Police recognise that bubbles may have to be burst for safety and are ready and willing to assist you. So don’t let level 4 keep you in a violent situation, we are able to assist you today.

Parenting Orders

For all urgent applications, such as a parent breaching a current order or taking your child out of zone so you cannot have contact, the courts are open and will make urgent orders.

We encourage all parents to try and keep the contact going at this time as lockdown can be very stressful for children and keeping them in their routine is the best possible comfort zone for them to be in.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or email us so that we can continue to provide you with the help you need.

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We are a legal aid provider. We offer fixed fees as well as an hourly rate.  We service Waikato & Auckland 

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Divorce & Separation

Making that decision is a big step in your life.  It pays, not just financially, but emotionally to find out what your legal obligations and likely outcomes will be from this decision. 

We offer practical caring advice to help you understand all that is required for on the separation process and how to do it in the least harmful, fastest way possible.

Adrianne is a qualified divorce coach and also a qualified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programmes) to help you work through any emotional issues and act as your guide through the whole separation process from preparing you for the legal process and the emotional process of separation.

Adrianne is a fully qualified mediator with AMINZ (Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand) and can mediate for couples and their lawyers.   

AA Law Auckland Family Lawyers
Relationship property AA Law Auckland Family Lawyers

Relationship Property (Including Complex Property involving trusts and companies)

If you are unable to agree as to the division of your relationship property then your matter can be filed in Court for a decision. However, it is our philosophy that wherever possible we give you both the tools and the guidance for you to be able to settle your matters between you. We offer advice to couples and walk them through the settlement process to achieving a fair settlement.

AA Law Auckland Family LawyersPre Nuptial Contracts

Post and Pre-Nuptial Agreement

There are two ways you can settle property matters in New Zealand either by reaching an agreement (postnuptial agreement) or by going to Court and obtaining a Court Order. 

Spousal Maintenance - AA Law

Spousal Maintenance

One of the biggest concerns many clients have is their immediate financial support.   Questions such as how can I afford to leave the relationship?

Family Violence

There may be times when you have to file in court especially where there is or there has been domestic violence. 

AA Law Auckland Family lawyer Child Custody

Child Custody

One of the most important aspects to sort out upon separation is the care of your children. The court refers to this as day-to-day care and contact.

Relocation Application

Relocation Applications

Relocation applications are when one parent wishes to take the children and relocate to another part of Auckland, New Zealand or overseas. 

Mediation and dispute resolution AA Law Auckland Family Lawyers

Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Adrianne can mediate between the two parties, she works with couples over several mediation sessions to help them around the issues of the law and what they need to provide

Collaborative Law AA Law Auckland Lawyers

Colloborative Law

Adrianne and Annie are both trained collaborative lawyers. Collaborative law is a process where you both agree at the outset that you will work collaboratively with both lawyers to reach an outcome. 

International & National Surrogacy/Adoption

We can assist with surrogacy and adoption.  

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