Child Custody

One of the most important aspects to sort out upon separation is the care of your children. The court refers to this as day-to-day care, contact, and sometimes, shared care. You can come to an agreement between yourselves through the collaborative and mediation processes we offer.

Any agreement can be made into a Court order if required. We also can help you access relevant parenting programmes. 

The conflict that arises out of a separation can leave children with permanent scars. 

This can lead to behavioural issues as your children struggle to understand their new normal and where they now “fit in” with the new life plans of each of their parents.  It is important you both obtain legal advice to help you navigate the issues that arise so that your children are not impacted by the conflict that separations can cause.

Annie and Adrianne work with individuals and/or couples helping them to come to their own arrangements in the fastest possible time to make the separation transition as smooth as possible, providing the very best outcomes for your children moving forward.

Adrianne as a coach also offers programs to help children and families adjust to their new situation, to understand more about these programmes please view Divorce Coaching Services.  

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Child Custody AA Law Family Law Auckland

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