Collaborative Law

Adrianne and Annie are both trained collaborative lawyers.  Collaborative law is a process where you both agree at the outset that you will work collaboratively with each other and your respective lawyers to reach a final outcome on all the matters you need to resolve. 

There are a series of meetings that are held which both of you and your lawyers will attend, so you will be privy to legal advice at the same time.  You will know what your obligations are and the next meeting is scheduled by agreement.  This will allow you time to do what is required, such as getting relevant information, such as speaking with an expert around tax, trust, company or child related issues should any of this arise.

The collaborative law process can be a very effective way for couples to work through their issues.  It is a more dignified approach, rather than pitting you against each other as the court system will do given it is an adversarial system.  It allows both of you to move forward, in a kinder, more respectful way.  This is especially important if you have children, to create two happy homes the children can move freely between.

Some couples find the expense of paying for two lawyers a burden but when this is compared to the cost of having to navigate this through the Court system the collaborative law process is one where both lawyers are on the same representing your common interests.

The goal of collaborative law is to help couples separate in the minimum amount of time and for the least cost.  This approach has proven successful overseas and although relatively new in New Zealand, Annie and Adrianne have found it to be a successful way of resolving separation issues and helping you to reach a final agreement on your matters.

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