Making that decision is a big step in your life.  It pays, not just financially, but emotionally to find out what your legal obligations and likely outcomes will be from this decision.  We offer practical caring advice to help you understand all that is required for on the separation process and how to do it in the least harmful, fastest way possible.

Adrianne is a qualified divorce coach and also a qualified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programmes) to help you work through any emotional issues and act as your guide through the whole separation process from preparing you for the legal process and the emotional process of separation.

Coaching also focuses not on the past of what went wrong but helping you to not make the same mistakes again in future relationships and to guide you on building a new, exciting future that is yours and what you really want.  Rather than just drifting and feeling as if you have no control and being scared of what the future may bring whether you are the one leaving or the one being left.

Emotions, that are often so strong upon separation, get in the way of the legal process in some cases propelling clients down the path of hostility and huge sums of money being spent on the separation process which is unnecessary.  After nearly two decades of helping couples/families to separate, we know the pitfalls and know by obtaining practical legal advice and having the emotional support you need, the process of separation, both property and child care matters, can be done within 4-6 weeks.  We offer specific packages for either individuals, (it only takes one of you to want to separate without conflict) or for couples.

In more complex situations we have an extensive network of other community supports that we can refer you to that will assist you, not just with your separation but beyond.  So instead of making this one of the most painful and expensive lessons of your life you can separate in the minimum amount of time while you work on healing and your future.

Please also view Addrianne’s Divorce Coaching Services for more information.

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