Family Violence

Family violence is never ok.  Annie and Adrianne are here to help you put in place a safety plan and obtain urgent Court orders for you and your children’s safety. We work alongside the police, Shine, and other community organisations to make sure you are well supported throughout this difficult time.

We have nearly two decades of specialist skills in this area and are committed to helping families move on from any form of family violence.

It is important that you access immediate legal advice if living with family violence.  You and your children need to be safe and there are applications you can make to the court, without notice, which means your partner will not know you have made them until after the Court has dealt with them.

The law has been developed in this way to keep you and your children safe while all the other issues are worked through. If you are concerned that you cannot afford a lawyer we are legal aid providers and you may be able to access funding for your legal fees as the Government has recognised the importance of helping people living with family violence to be able to leave. 

We are a legal aid provider We offer fixed fees as well as an hourly rate.  We service Waikato & Auckland 

Call us on 09 869 2097 or 0800 AA LAWYERS (0800 225 299).  Email