Adrianne is a qualified mediator with AMINZ (Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand).

There are two ways to engage a mediator, firstly couples see Adrianne over several sessions to help them work out their issues so that a final Agreement on separating their relationship property/child care/child support can be drafted and signed.
This is a kind and respectful way for couples to deal with the legal issues of a separation.  You are both on the same page and are receiving the same legal advice at the same time so there are no surprises.

When a final agreement is reached for separation of the property then one of you will take the Agreement to a separate lawyer for final signing and certifying, this is how the law allows couples to settle property, either by way of Court Order or by couples agreeing to their own settlement which is recorded in a S21 Agreement (so called because it is covered by s21A of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976).  The Act allows for couples to reach an agreement as to how they want to settle their matters as to what they agree is fair and reasonable for both of them.

Most couples that use this service settle their matters within 4-6 weeks.  This is a fixed fee process so you know in advance what your legal fees will be.  This takes a lot of stress and pressure off of couples and allows them to be able to move on with their lives.  This type of settlement is the most beneficial for children who are kept out of the conflict and turmoil of difficult drawn-out separations.

Think you cannot get in a room with your ex at this time?  The reality is, whether you choose the court system or the more traditional two lawyer approach the reality is you will have to get into a room together, be it with a Judge or the both of you with your lawyers to settle your issues.  Therefore, it is more empowering to settle issues between yourself in the fastest most cost-effective way possible.

The second form of mediation is when Adrianne acts as an independent mediator for you and your lawyers.  She works alongside your lawyers understanding the issues prior to the mediation.  You will be given a contract to sign and information on the process so that you come into it fully understanding the mediation process. 

Adrianne travels all around New Zealand and offers competitive upfront pricing.  Adrianne will also discount rates for couples that require mediation but have limited access to funds as it is her belief that everyone should be able to afford mediation to be able to settle their matters between them.

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Dispute Resolution

Is similar to mediation but the parties agree at the outset that the mediator decision will be final.  This is not always suitable for couples but it is becoming more popular as the cost of mediation can be expensive when you both have lawyers and then paying for a mediator as an extra expense only to find you do not reach agreement and some couples prefer the certainty of knowing they will reach an agreement.

Adrianne is a fully qualified dispute resolution expert with AMINZ (Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand) and can assist you to settle by the dispute resolution process.

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