Relationship Property

If you are unable to agree as to the division of your relationship property then your matter can be filed in Court for a decision. However, it is our philosophy that wherever possible we give you both the tools and the guidance for you to be able to settle your matters between you.  We offer advice on how the settlement process works to enable you both to achieve a fair and just settlement. 

In New Zealand, to settle property matters you can do so by agreement, referred to as a S21 Agreement (as it is section 21 of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 or by a court order.  We encourage you, wherever possible to work together to settle property matters.  We offer couples mediation and the collaborative law process as alternatives to filing in Court. 

Settling property matters helps your child to settle with the least disruption in their lives.  Parents fighting over money issues often leads to tensions in both homes which can have long term negative consequences for children.

A further service we offer at a fixed fee, is we conduct a series of remote meetings with you both, draft your agreement and finalise your relationship property matters. Under current law, one party must receive independent legal advice.  We can provide that lawyer with all the information used to prepare the agreement which streamlines this process and makes it simple and affordable. 

We have clients throughout New Zealand who prefer this method of settlement as this method of settlement saves you thousands on legal fees and reduces stress.

In short, you do not need to follow the traditional road of you both hiring lawyers and facing each other off in a costly legal battle. 

At AA Law we offer processes that allow you to have the same legal advice, at the same time, reducing costs, misunderstandings, stress and allows you move forward.

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Economic Disparity

The law provides for a 50/50 notional half share but there are exceptions to this rule, such as where “exceptional circumstances may exist.” For example, economic disparity can be applied to your situation if you have been the one to remain in the home and bringing up the children and have not advanced your career.  The Court have a discretion to compensate you for this.

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